Manhattan: 2019 vs 1609 via National Geographic

Skyscrapers. Highways. Housing estates. A lot of our natural environment is slowly being swallowed up by urbanisation and technology that embrace the use of artificial intelligence. Every year, hundreds of animals lose their natural habitats due to the greediness of mankind and many complex eco-systems are destroyed.

Hi there! My name is Caetlyn McLean. My aim is to encourage others to take back the beauty of the world as Mother Nature intended. There is a lot we can do to bring the world back to its natural state. Whether it means making sacrifices on the use of modern technology or even making full use of the resources nature currently presents us with.

So, help me make a stand against industrialisation and please don’t let mankind destroy what’s left of Mother Nature.

What exactly does this site do?
Well, in essence, I aim to make aware some of the issues that affect the environment as well as the society that has conditioned us to live our lives. At this stage, I have only one other page – Is it possible? – which poses the obvious question. Can we live our lives without certain commodities that currently dictate it?

As I think of other issues that, I think, contributes to the demise of Mother Nature, I will post them in the site updates.