Who am I?

My name is Caetlyn McLean. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, I’m a self-taught nature photographer who likes to capture the beauty of Australia whenever I get a chance. I developed a passion for the camera in late 2011 and has gone from strength to strength ever since, even to the point of capturing insects in flight.

When time and finances permit, I enjoy travelling around Australia with my family to capture that special photograph.

About the name

"Forest of Tranquility" is the literal translation of my Chinese name, 林静宁 (pinying: Lín Jìngníng). My surname 林 means "forest" and my given name 静宁 means "peace" or "tranquility".

As a Sound Artist

I have been writing creatively since 1990 and have spent the last decade specialising in screenplays and audio plays. In 2008, my passion for sound design blossomed when I was at university, studying for my Media Arts degree. The development was quite accidental as I had originally wanted to focus on film and TV production. However, one of the courses on offer was Sound Art which I, surprisingly, excelled at. There, I specialised in sound design and have since created several audio projects from scratch - including writing them.

In 2015, I was invited to become the sound designer and technician for a local theatre production company until productions ceased in 2018. I am now concentrating on creating sound ambiences from scratch based on Mother Nature, using the sound effects in my media library.

Mission Statement

Skyscrapers. Highways. Housing estates. A lot of our natural environment is slowly being swallowed up by urbanisation and technology that embrace the use of artificial intelligence. Every year, hundreds of animals lose their natural habitats due to the greediness of mankind and many complex eco-systems are destroyed.

My aim is to preserve the memory of such delicate environments and raise awareness to the beauty of the world as Mother Nature intended. Urbanisation may be good for population growth of humans in general but the animal population is also declining at an alarming rate.

So, the next time, you venture out into the urban jungle, take a step back and have a good listen of the natural world around you. Please don’t let mankind destroy what’s left of Mother Nature.